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Attala Systems, Ericsson take Composable Infrastructure to the next level

“Attala has created a fundamentally new approach for composable, high-performance networked storage infrastructure that enables more flexibility and better performance for service providers,” Anders Vestergren, head of Product Line Software-Defined Infrastructure, at Ericsson

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Attala demos first-ever NVMe-over-fabrics solution for ESXi at VMWorld 2017, Vegas



Attala launches products at VMWorld 2017, Vegas


“By reducing the NVMe protocols into an FPGA Attala’s technology promises to quickly democratize the ultra-low latency performance of NVMe over fabrics.” said Howard Marks, chief Scientist at DeepStorage.

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Attala wins prestigious best-of-show award coming right out of stealth


Attala High Performance Composable Storage Infrastructure



than you've ever seen.

Unlock real-time insights with unprecedented storage performance and latencies as low as 16 usec.


Lower TCO

at the same time.

Support both high-performance and less-demanding stateless workloads with the same infrastructure via FPGA-based efficiency, SSD pooling, tier-ing and a scale-out architecture.  Further optimize TCO by de-coupling your compute and storage refresh cycles.



at scale.

Full resource automation with real-time tenant composability, provisioning and infrastructure management.


Flawlessly predictable & reliable

Full performance automation with predictable performance for demanding workloads via hardware-based QoS; track the performance of thousands of apps in real-time to ensure they get what they need.  And breathe easy with full redundancy and data protection.

You no longer have to trade-off performance versus the benefits of pooled storage.  Have it all with Attala's High-performance composable storage infrastructure


See how Attala Systems can accelerate, simplify, and reduce costs of your real-time business

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