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Attala, Supermicro & Intel deliver Petabyte-scale solution for Real-Time Analytics

Intelligently scales, carves & shares NVMe Storage for real-time clusters

"Supermicro’s wide offering of NVMe-capable server and storage solutions, Attala’s high-performance composable storage infrastructure, Intel SSD & Intel FPGA technology can fundamentally change the game for HPC storage”  Tau Leng, PhD, senior VP of technology & marketing at Supermicro.

 “…a new level of storage density, performance and multi-tenancy for HPC users.” Bill Leszinske, VP NVM Solutions Group of Intel.

Find out more: architecture, product or press release from the SC17 conference


Multi-tenant Apache Spark with Bare Metal Performance


Attala, Supermicro & Intel demo at SC17 conference. 
Support multiple, fully isolated Spark users (departments, test/dev, QA, production) with instant cluster spin-up.  Enable multi-tenancy with lower cost & better-than-bare-metal performance.   Find out more here.


Boost Lustre metadata & small file performance by up to 4X with NVMe Parallel Data Sharing & High Availability


Attala, Supermicro & Intel demo at SC17 conference.
Update or expand your existing solution via Lustre 2.11’s Data-on-MDT (Meta Data Target) & Attala Storage with shared NVMe volumes for active-active node failover.  Missed the demo?  Find out more here



Attala Systems, Intel & Ericsson jointly demonstrate networked composable storage infrastructure for hyperscale cloud solutions at VMworld in Las Vegas, 2017


Accelerate your high-performance workloads & analytics


Intelligently Scale

Scale NVMe storage separate from compute using shared, server-less, lower power storage nodes…  while retaining undiluted low latency NVMe performance with 100% host transparency


Intelligently Carve

GUI/API-driven provisioning with EBS-like ease delights tenants/users with instant gratification… and simplifies life for operators with automated allocation to optimize capacity utilization


Intelligently Share

Lower costs by sharing ingest data between apps and eliminating data copies.  Enable H/A via shared-volume host failover.  Enable high-performance data lakes


Intelligently Operate

Reduce OpX via fully integrated, automated infrastructure management using industry-standard APIs.  Reduce late night war-rooms with integrated, cluster-wide, granular performance telemetry

You no longer have to trade-off performance versus the benefits of pooled storage.  Have it all with Attala's High-performance composable storage infrastructure


See how Attala Systems can accelerate, simplify, and reduce costs of your real-time business

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