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Attala, Supermicro & Intel deliver Petabyte-scale solution for Real-Time Analytics

 “…a new level of storage density, performance and multi-tenancy for HPC users.” Bill Leszinske, VP NVM Solutions Group of Intel


Attala, Intel & Ericsson demo composable storage infrastructure for hyperscale cloud

Read the Ericsson white paper

Attala Solutions for the Data-driven Cloud and Enterprise


Attala Multi-tenant Hot Data Lake
for the Data-driven Enterprise

You’ve built a data lake but strong demand and real-time analytics/AI are causing problems.  Users are creating their own copies – oftentimes of the same Enterprise data - on separate clusters to meet performance, undermining cost effectiveness and impeding business with cumbersome, hours-long copy operations.

Learn about the Attala single shared hot data lake with very high I/O performance using NVMe networks. A multi-tenancy design assures key jobs get all the performance they need.



Copies = Lost time & money 


Attala Hot Data Lake as standalone or extension of an existing data lake


Attala Composable NVMe Infrastructure
for Private & Public Clouds


You're building a cloud infrastructure for data-intensive workloads that necessite NVMe storage performance.  You need a flexible infrastructure that can accommodate different and changing tenant requirements.  And you have to maintain NVMe low-latency performance while not wasting money by over-provisioning.  Find out how the Attala Composable NVMe Infrastructure addresses the challenge.

Enable your fast moving business with instant virtual NVMe SSDs

... of any size for any X86 or GPU server, VM or container

Deliver bare-metal NVMe Performance

Near-native latency and high throughput for real-time apps

Reduce Cost via higher utilization

Distributed, volume management across scale-out, server-less NVMe storage nodes.  Now works across racks via lossy leaf-spine networks

Fully Automated

For tenants via cloud-style provisioning and for operators via automation and performance / health telemetry

You no longer have to trade-off performance versus the benefits of pooled storage.  Have it all with Attala's High-performance composable storage infrastructure


See how Attala can accelerate, simplify & reduce costs of your real-time business

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