Attala Host Adapter Options

Attala Host Adapters belong to a family of Attala products used to create composable cloud infrastructure and multi-tenant hot data lake solutions for workloads running on X86 or GPU computes nodes.  All host adapters use industry-standard NVMe and Ethernet protocols to interoperate with Attala intelligent storage nodes and management software  All host adapter options work within the Attala solution to enable elastic NVMe volumes which can be arbitrarily allocated to host servers, VMs or containers - using the industry standard NVM-over-Fabrics (NVMe-oF) and RoCEv2 protocols.


Host Adapter Options for use with Xeon processor or Nvidia GPU compute nodes

Attala Host NVMe-oF Adapters - HNA40 & HNA50

  • Dual 25Gb/s, 40Gb/s or 50Gb/S Ethernet ports; Gen3 PCIeX8
  • Best performance, lowest latency

  • NVMe host interface with SRIOV for hyper-visor performance

  • Uses standard inbox NVMe drivers (in kernel or VM)

  • Host can use any OS, any Hypervisor

  • Zero-footprint, agent-less provisioning

  • Use for bare-metal, fully-transparent or OS-agnostic cloud infrastructure.  Or for Infrastructure-as-a-service clouds that require zero CPU core usage and hardware-based, jitter-free performance (see reference to AWS Nitro)


Standard RDMA NIC (RNIC)

  • Any RNIC (Mellanox, Broadcom, Cavium); Mellanox ConnectX4 currently qualified

  • Better performance

  • Host requires Linux, RNIC driver and open-source NVMe-oF initiator driver

  • Use for hosts with managed software images that include all necessary drivers


Ordinary L2 NIC

  • Any NIC (Intel, Broadcom, etc); any speed: 10Gb/s or greater
  • Good performance
  • Host requires Linux, NIC driver, open-source SoftRoCE and NVMe-oF initiator driver
  • Use for ubiquitous or legacy host access to orchestrated Attala NVMe storage