Attala Multi-tenant Hot Data Lake

For the Enterprise, data has always been more valuable than the infrastructure that stores it.  The idea of "Enterprise data" is one of managing data as a critical resource that is shared across multiple teams.  These teams are finding multiple ways to monetize the data - e.g. customer transaction logs, AI training data, clickstreams, market data, network logs, etc.

An elastic data lake is increasingly used as the long-lived repository for the Enterprise's volume and variety of data.  However, it fails to address the emerging category of real-time - or near-real-time - analytics and machine learning that require bare-metal performance for data access.  Teams have resorted to lengthy and cumbersome copies of data to higher-performance local storage... wasting both time and money.

The Attala multi-tenant hot data lake solves the problem by providing a bare-metal-performance data pool that can be shared across applications and organizational boundaries, either as a “hot cache” or as a full-fledged enterprise data lake.

Multiple "consumption workloads" attach to files and/or directories stored in the data lake.  The Attala data lake solution integrates the requested data into the native file system of the respective workload.

For contemporary workloads, the Attala Data Lake is optimized for write-once, use-many data and immutable data files.  Multiple consumers can attach to the same data with bare-metal performance that is protected via hardware-enforced QoS of the underlying Attala infrastructure.


The Attala Data Lake (ADL) capability is available as a software module that exposes an API interface for applications, or a GUI interface for users.

The ADL software module is available for evaluations now.  Please contact for a demo or more information.